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"How can I help my church
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"How can I become
a church consultant?"

This guide has the answers!

Overview of the Society
Self-assessment quiz
Church Consulting 101
Five Types of Consultants
How Students Use their Training 
Why Churches Use Consultants 
Frequently Asked Questions
What You’ll Learn in Levels 1-5 
Details on the Level 5 Consulting Project
Becoming a Certified Church Consultant 
Tuition Fees and Training Calendar
DVD and Online Training
How to Start a Church Consulting Ministry
How to Grow Your Consulting Practice
Student Assessments of the Training
 Guide to Church Consultant Training 
Am I called to turn around churches?

By Tom Harper
President, Society for Church Consulting

Dear Christian Leader,

Hundreds of churches close their doors every year, never to reopen again. After years of service to their communities and expansion of the kingdom, they are forced to shut down.
God may have directed you to read this because he wants you to help a specific church –  possibly the one you lead. Or maybe you already work with one or more congregations, and you want to sharpen your consulting skills or earn credentials.
We know of many churches that now enjoy growth after years of decline and apathy. Their leaders have endured pain, disappointment, doubt and loss … but the turnaround was worth it all. Some of them had sudden breakthroughs, others saw gradual improvement.
The one thing they had in common was an understanding of the six purposes of the church, found in Acts 2:42-44. When they applied these biblical concepts, their churches' mediocrity transformed into renewed vision, vitality and growth.
Some leaders work with consultants. Others have learned what the consultants know … and applied it to their own churches.
Right now – across the world and right in your hometown – churches are struggling to stay open and fight shrinking attendance.
Leaders are needed right now to
help churches overcome adversity
or break out of mediocrity.
Could it be that you're at a crossroads in your life? Could God have a new leadership challenge waiting for you? Or do you face a tough challenge in your own ministry … and need answers?
I’ve talked to dozens of leaders who felt a calling to the church consulting field. But please don’t think consultants are only brought in when a church is in its final days – not at all. Many congregations need different kinds of help along the way.

Here are some of the common needs:
  • Attendance decline
  • Conflict resolution
  • Fundraising and/or building campaigns
  • Leadership transitions
  • Change management
  • New ministry launches
  • Discipleship and Sunday school programs
  • Evangelism and outreach
  • The list goes on.
    Do you have experience that could help in these areas?
    Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail we recently received from someone interested in consulting. See if this resonates with your own desires:
    “… If I could be better equipped and more knowledgeable, perhaps I could do something to be of greater service to churches I see suffering and in need of growth or revitalization programs.”
    I love seeing fire in the eyes of new consultants. They’re anxious to help struggling churches. They have newfound confidence to tackle the challenges in their own church.
    We can show you how to be a consultant. We'll introduce you to some powerful tools (like the Church Health Survey). Then it’s up to you – utilizing your experience, giftedness, enthusiasm and desire – to make a real difference.
    No one else has your exact ministry experiences. There are lessons (some of them hard!) that God has allowed into your life so you can help others.
    The Society for Church Consulting has turned out more than 900 trained leaders. We’ve given them tools and knowledge designed to infuse new life into unhealthy congregations.
    We don’t have the manpower to work with all the troubled churches that ask us for help – but we can teach you how to turn a declining congregation into a vibrant one.
    Of course, you won’t succeed every time – the Lord himself will determine each church’s path. But you can diligently offer your services and watch God work.
    And don’t expect to get rich doing this, either. There are some independent consultants who make a living at it, but most of them are also speakers and authors. Others make some “extra money.” Or it might already be part of your job in a denominational organization. Many more do it on a volunteer basis.
    “I just want to help one more church before I go."
    This is a quote from a retired pastor who went through our training. Do you have the same desire to devote your life to helping other church leaders before you go home?
    Just think of the eternal impact you could have.
    If you work with a few churches … who have hundreds of members … who in turn impact their communities for Christ and send out mission teams … you get an idea of the multiplying effect.
    We’ve got a strong desire to make an impact too – through ministry-minded people just like you. My heart is stirred when I meet pastors and other church leaders who are eager to take churches to the next level.
    You’ve probably heard that 85% of churches are in decline. Let’s fight that trend!
    “Who teaches the courses, and what will I learn?”
    The Society teamed up with Dr. Thom S. Rainer, before he became president and CEO of LifeWay, to develop the training program. Dr. Rainer has written 16 books on church health, including the bestseller Simple Church.
    Our instructors include Dr. Chuck Lawless, author and dean of graduate studies and professor of evangelism and missions at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Dr. John Ewart, Associate Vice President of Project Development and Fletcher Professor of Missions at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.
    We also invite our board members to be guest instructors. These include Bill Easum, Dr. Bob Whitesel, Dr. Aubrey Malphurs, and Dr. Gary L. McIntosh.

    Here’s what one of our students said:
    “The training is exactly what I expected, needed and wanted. As a state missionary responsible for strategic planning and church revitalization, this will be an invaluable tool. Right now it is my intention to go through level five training and certification. As we have the rest of our state missionaries trained it will add a great asset to our ministry tool box.”
    -- Don Matthews, Church Enrichment Consultant, Midwestern Area SBC of Virginia 
     Class sizes are limited to around 50. Here are the different levels:
    Level 1: Fundamentals of Church Health & Consulting
    Level 2: Action Planning for Church Consulting
    Level 3: Advanced Issues in Church Health Consultation
    Level 4: Church Health Consulting Process
    Level 5: Supervised Independent Consultation Project
    Do you want to learn more? We’d like to give you a FREE 32-page comprehensive guide to church consulting, right now.
    Here’s the table of contents:
    1. Overview of the Society
    2. Self-assessment quiz
    3. Church Consulting 101
    4. Five Types of Consultants
    5. How Students Use their Training 
    6. Why Churches Use Consultants 
    7. Frequently Asked Questions
    8. What You’ll Learn in Levels 1-5 
    9. Details on the Level 5 Consulting Project
    10. Becoming a Certified Church Consultant 
    11. Tuition Fees and Training Calendar
    12. DVD and Online Training
    13. How to Start a Church Consulting Ministry
    14. How to Grow Your Consulting Practice
    15. Student Assessments of the Training
    If you read this entire packet and would still like to talk to a “real person,” we’d be more than happy to walk you through the next steps.
    So if now’s the time to act … if you feel a tug to investigate what the Lord might have in store for you in consulting … just fill out the short form below. It’s a simple “next step” with no strings attached – and no cost.
    I pray that God will reveal His will for you and the church you lead, or the hurting churches you come in contact with.
    All of us at the Society wish you the best in your ministry! I hope to meet you at one of our training conferences and hear your story.
    In Christ,

    President, Society for Church Consulting
    P.S.  If you have problems signing up and receiving your free online info packet, give us a call (toll free) at 866-515-0520. Or use the contact us form. We’d love to help.
    P.S.S.  Watch this informative webinar presented by me and the Society's executive director - includes Q&A with participants.

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